There are probably a million other sites you could visit to read on African football — and for free, too . . . which is why Ink & Kicks is here. Our packages, delightfully blending regular Web content with digital magazine, are prepared to earn your time and money. Here, you’d find rich content — exclusive and unaccessible elsewhere on the Internet — that is written as well as it is researched. Now, of course, this isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea. We know times are hard; besides, paid subscriptions aren’t yet a thing in this ecosystem. And that’s why we’d first offer a whole month’s free reading of our website and magazine. We’re pretty sure you’d love it, but even if you don’t, feel free to opt out. If you do, well, welcome aboard the most interesting concept to stir the waters of African football journalism. Just hit the button below if you’re game, choose a package which suits your budget (trust me, you’d find one), and let’s ride.
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